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Sharon Sbarsky

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Political meme [Dec. 13th, 2007|02:00 pm]
Sharon Sbarsky
[Current Mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

This was sent around at work today: glassbooth.org

You divide up twenty points on issues that are most important to you. Based on those points you are asked how strongly you feel about certain questions. i.e.:

I support or oppose gay marriage
I support or oppose civil unions
I support or oppose allowing gays to serve openly in the military
I support or oppose extending federal rights and benefits to same-sex couples

There is usually a Wikipedia link for commentary.

Then the top three candidates with similar views are presented.

I don't know how accurate this is, but the site at least gets people thinking and learning about the issues and encourages people to vote.
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Happy Chanukah! [Dec. 5th, 2007|12:30 pm]
Sharon Sbarsky
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

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Drupal discussions [Dec. 3rd, 2007|07:19 pm]
Sharon Sbarsky
[Current Mood |geekygeeky]

So the CMS we decided to use at work is Drupal. See JVibe.com. It is better and worse than the proprietary CMS that other sites at JFL have been using (and which requires $$$ for major updates...)

I'm creating a private list to discuss questions I have, mainly to let me be honest about some of the problems without worrying on who at work is reading my posts. Please let me know if you want to be added to the list. (whether you can help or think it is useful to learn something...) Until this list gets started, I may post some friends-only comments...
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when work and fannish lives meet... [Dec. 1st, 2007|06:24 pm]
Sharon Sbarsky
I like it when it happens, especially without my help. On www.jbooks.com (one of the website I work on) there is an Interview/profile of ellen_kushner.
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Happy Birthday! [Jan. 17th, 2007|02:42 pm]
Sharon Sbarsky
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

Hippo Birdies Two Ewes to gnomi and sebastian_tombs!
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mailing lists down [Dec. 29th, 2006|11:09 pm]
Sharon Sbarsky
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]

There has been an unexpected ISP change to where the NESFA, MCFI, SFLOVERS (smofs, smofcon & timebinders) and other fannish groups (Arisia, Albacon and others) have their mailing lists hosted. See xdaemon's post for more details.

DNS changes and propagation is/may be necessary before things start to work again. I'm posting this to my LJ since many people on my flist are on some of these lists. Please excuse the bandwidth if you aren't.

In the mean time enjoy the relative quietness. :-)

I'll post updates as I know them

(cross-posted to the nesfa Community.)
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Happy Birthday! [Dec. 23rd, 2006|06:33 pm]
Sharon Sbarsky
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

Hippo Birdies to fmsv!
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Chanukah and other December musings... [Dec. 22nd, 2006|03:28 pm]
Sharon Sbarsky
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Happy Chanukah!

I hope that everyone is having a good holiday. I've always liked Chanukah since it's always been close to my birthday (last year was one of the few that it was late enough to be on my birthday! I did feel a little bit gypped, but my parents always made sure that I got the "big" present on my birthday, and I also usually got a few extras with the post-Christmas sales. Over Thanksgiving, my brother gave me the second "family" menorah that we had. This one had a music box built in and a separable shamash holder so that you didn't need to hold the candle to light the others. But I've been using the other menorah that my mother gave me years ago (with 9 Maccabees in a row) so far this year. Perhaps tonight, I'll switch.

Smofcon 24 was fun at the beginning of the month. I'm sorry that there were a few organizational problems. I suspect that those didn't help the KC in 2009 bid very much. It is always a bit dangerous for a bid to be too much in a spotlight... It is a bit ironic that the theme/focus was "Improving Our Communications."

Pre-Smofcon (and during and after!) I've was working on the new website for Smofcon 25. gerisullivan and I swapped a bunch of emails, and I stayed over her house before Thanksgiving for some more work. I was pleased that we had a working site that I was able to push live during the Smofcon selection session. And when debgeisler sent me the initial membership list that night, I immediately updated the membership page. I was told that people were impressed that we had a membership list live so fast, and some were disappointed that five seconds after they joined on Sunday there wasn't a Real Time update. ;-)

I'm pretty please with this website since I always try to make each site I do a bit better than previous ones. And learn new skills along the way. I'm also happy with the redesign of the NESFA Press website that I worked on last spring/summer/fall.

I'm always glad to get passed Winter Soltice since I like seeing the days getting longer again.

I don't have any special plans this weekend, I was thinking of going to a movie on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I wanted to see Stranger Than Fiction, but it only seems to be playing in Kendall Sq or Danvers. Is any one on my flist interested in that? Or another movie? I might also be interested in another "chick flick" The Holiday or something else.
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Combat Card [Nov. 29th, 2006|03:52 pm]
Sharon Sbarsky
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

Not really sure what this does, but a number of people on my flist have one...

watch sfrose fight
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yeah, I'm back, but not at home [Nov. 25th, 2006|05:22 pm]
Sharon Sbarsky
[Current Mood |busybusy]

OK, I've been gone for a while. Post-LA-con I really did try to catch up on journals and communities to read reports, etc. And almost made it by the end of September, but then I fell behind again. :-(

So, I finally gave up and will start fresh, so whatever that acronym is, don't expect that I've read any postings unless you tell me about them.

Oh, and Belated Hippos Birdies to all that I missed! perhaps a post edit will include LJ IDs...

I'm in White Plains at present. Seth and I will be meeting some friends for sushi soon. We were supposed to have dinner with his parents, but his father has pneumonia and isn't sure yet whether infectious or not.

But back-tracking a bit... Wednesday night I went to gerisullivan and say Furniture Mayhem in person. (And I hope that she repeats the Chocolate Cabbage Cake at a time when I can enjoy the final product!)

Thursday I got a later start than I wanted (duh!) and with a Nor'easter blowing through Connecticut and various traffic delays (plus reports of future delays) I decided to do something that I never did before since moving to Massachusetts... Take the Long Island Ferry! While looking at the map while I was going back and forth between I-95 and the Merritt I realized that I was close to Bridgeport. The road sign said Bridgeport, next five exists and I wasn't about to start driving around in search of the Ferry, so I told myself that if one of the exit signs looked like it would point the way I would try it. The second exit did so and I arrived at the dock at 2:45 PM at which point they said that I would be on the 2:30 Ferry! (the Ferry was running behind schedule...)

The trip (including loading and unloading) took over an hour, the ship rocked around a lot, but it was still much less stressful than if I continued into NY, Throgs Neck Bridge, and then back east on Long Island. Instead I just drove south to my cousins house and arrived there by 5:00 PM! (after getting directions while on the Ferry...)

Thursday night I stayed with sandial and we called jcbemis who is still in a hospital in Hawaii...

Yesterday, was my brother's wedding party. The official part was by a judge in the morning, but they repeated the vows etc. in the afternoon. It was in a small Italian restaurant in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. Seth met me at the restaurant and it was an enjoyable event. Afterwards we picked up his luggage from his brother's and checked into the hotel in White Plains. And then went to see Casino Royale in a local theater. We may go see another movie later tonight.
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